Farnaz Salmani is an evening and bridal gown designer based in Istanbul, Turkey. She graduated with a BBA Honors. Ever since she’s fascinated by fabrics and fashion design, . In 2008 she established a designing business, launching her own signature collection. For more than one decade, her collections  embrace contemporary creations with an exquisite attention to detail. she uses strong modern designs with soft traditional floral feathers and luxurious unique textiles. she is inspired by love of fashion and  passion for quality.

In 2011 she was selected as the best fashion designer of “Fajr Festival”. She also designed for the Iran Symphony Orchestra. Farnaz has attracted high-end client from all backgrounds, as well as popular celebrities from Iran. In 2012 she opened her showroom in Tehran.6 years later (2018) she opened her second location in Istanbul, Turkey.

Farnaz Salmani’s designs are very modern and elegant . Each unique design uses luxurious textiles and meticulously handcrafted to create exquisite dresses ideal for special days or events.

Having the personalized approach in mind, Farnaz developed a custom design service . she is offering the most accurate unique dresses and gowns,  and delicate down to the smallest detail.

Farnaz salmani